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논문 상세정보

도서관학 교육과정 구성의 원칙

The Principles of the Composition of Library Science Curriculum


A study has been made prior to the emphatic research to see how the curriculum of the Library Science Departments, in general, has developed to date. In the principles of the composition of the curriculum of library science, research has been conducted to determine what decisions will be the most appropriate for the changing trend of the society, regarding the matters of general specialization versus subject specialization education, the definition, change and operation of the core subject, the expansion of the elective specialized subjects and the composition of the curriculum by types of the library, and the curriculum composition in terms of subject specilization. The curriculum should consist of a unified series of courses and other educational experiences, designed to meet specific program objectives. Principles and concepts should be emphasized, over routines and techniques. All students should study certain fundamental 'core' subjects, as well as more specialized electives. General education (studies outside of librarianship) should be a major component of the total education of the librarian. Fundamental core subjects should be treated as introductory courses covering deep studies that can provide the most inclusive information related to the library science field. They should be offered as pre-requisites required of all the students entering the Department of Library Science. Specialized subjects and interdisciplinary courses comprising subject concentration should be offered as electives at the advanced level.

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