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논문 상세정보

도포에 대한 사적 고찰 및 민속학적 연구 -영동지역을 중심으로

A Study on Dopo Dealt with its History and Folklore -in Young-dong Province Area-


This study dealt with the Dopo, one of the representative ceremonial dress that acclasical scholar used after the middle of the period of the Chosun dynasty. This study represents the period of Dopo's formation and its origin, and the characteristics of the weary of Dopo in Young Dong Province Area is arranged by folkloric method on the base of the exisitng facilities. Dopo has worn since the middle of the period of the Chosun dynasty. It is the kind of Jig young Po that its back is cuffed for convenience and has another cloth as a ceremonial dress. It is thought to be one of the national customs pos formed by the mixture of the big sleeve type which is influenced by confusion life feeling. It seemed that the name of DoPo comes from the Jigchal, an ordinary dress of a high official in China, which is call Dopo. This Dopo is changed and received and so disappeared but it is still used such as ceremonial dress, the necessary articles for marriage of the bride, a bridegroom's liturgical vestments of a memorial service held on the anniversary of the death of a person, mourning dress and a shroud grave clothes. This area has different characters on wearing customs. It is changed into the kind of Dopo, with its back not cutting. The hemp sack is almost used as its subject matter. It doesn't have collar strip for the classification of one's family in any case, and Dopo which is prepared for necessary articles for marriage can not be taken tack after seperating by divorce.

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