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쓰레기 매립처분의 재검토

Looking back on Waste Land Fill


Untill to-day the disposal of municipal refuse in Korea is entirely depending on dumping the refuse into concave land except a few case that bring about the secondary pollution by generating insects, offensive odour and the dust blow which cause adverse effects to dwelling community in the vicinity. It is widely recognized since Korea is ready to be advanced nation must be carried out the proper way of refuse disposal as meet with the environmental standard and ready to accept by general public. Refuse disposal that is practiced by world wide is known as sanitary landfill although it bears some what the expensive construction and operation costs rather than the plain dumping. The following statement is the construction of sanitary landfill in brief. When one takes a look at the Unites States which has huge territory normaly carry out the refuse disposal by anaerobic improved landfill method while the country has limitted land is experimenting various types of landfill which bring about the earier reuse of completed landfill site and minimise the secondary pollution. The author of this article consider out of several landfill methods the semi aerobic landfill will be widely applied in Korea in coming day, the following article will elaborate little more about the semi aerobic method.

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