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논문 상세정보

일부 농촌 지역사회 주부의 식품섭취상태와 그 관련된 요인 및 영양교육지표에 관한 연구 - 경기도 남양주군 수동면 중심으로

A Study on Food Intake of a Rural Community Housewives with the Related Factors and Nutrition Education-Index


This study is aimed at developing a nutritional task of a community' as a public health activities of Su-Dong Myun, Demonstration Project area of Ewha Womans University. The content of this study is the points of nutritional diagnosis for the residents nutritional evaluation, the analysis of the related factors and the educational material with Nutrition Education-Index. Two hundreds housewives were examined during the period of Jan. 20 to Jan. 30 in 1989. 1. In terms of the housewives' age, those aged 30 to 39 were 32.5% which was the highest and educational level, graduation of primary school was 31.5% which was the highest. The housewives who had no job were 60.0% and those who participated in community activities were 56.5%. 2. In terms of the points of nutritional diagnosis, 50 to 74 points were 51.5% which was the highest and total average was $65.1{\pm}15.0$. 3. As for the points of nutritional knowledge, the average was 54.9 points, attitude was 77.4 points and eating practice was 70.8points. 4. The number of clinical symptoms of nutritional deficiency was 16.1 ones per person. 5. As for the relation which nutritional knowledge, attitude, eating practice exert on one another, nutritional knowledge has negative correlation with eating practice(-0.04) and attitude has some correlation with eating practice(0.17). 6. The variable having to do with the points of nutritional diagnosis showed the highest correlation coefficient(0.55) as the points of nutritional knowledge. 7 As for the variable having to do with the number of the symptoms of nutritional deficiency, the higher points of knowledge(-0.05) is, the higher the totai averse points of nutritional diagnisis(-0.09) is, negative correlation was appeared. 8. The result in which the variant having to do with the number of clinical symptoms of nutritional deficiency was analyzed by multiple regression analysis showed that the lack of time for preparing meals in non agricultural households made the greatest contribution (9% explained) and the households having vegetable garden made the second greatest contribution(3% explained).

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