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논문 상세정보

근대 한국 도서관사 연구 -개화기에 있어서 근대도서관사상의 형성과정을 중심으로

A Study on the History of Modern Library in Korea -With Special Reference to the Formation of Modern Library Thought in the Late Yi Dynasty-


The purpose of this study is to investigate the influential factors creating the modern library thought in the latter part of Yi Dynasty. After Korea was forced to make a treaty opening up the country in 1876, Western civilization was introduced and reforms were carried out eventually. Various influential factors could be taken into consideration as follows. (1) The envoys to Japan after 1876 (2) Tourists party to Japan organized by Gentlemen in 1982 (3) The persons who studied abroad (4) Establishment of modern schools and development of publications: on the new learning. (5) News media and others Above all, the persons who studied abroad, such as Yu Gil Jun, Yun Chi Ho, etc., in early stage has contributed most to the extension of public recognition for modern library in Korea. Therefore it can be said that the formation of modern library thought in Korea was based on the theory of the Western library as was the Japan in the period of Meiji Restoration. Patriotic intelectualls in these days believed that reform of the educational system and the diffusion of knowledge was very much meeded in order to preserve an independent Korea and to build up national strength, and then nation-wide campaign for enlightenment was earried on. For that reason the movement of the national library establishment in 1906 also should be regarded from the same point of view, that is, as a part of the enlightenment campaign. Therefore it should not go unheeded that strong patriotism was always streamed under the ground of the library campaign as well as the new learning and new education campaign. Unfortunately every plan of Korean library movement had broken down and missed the chance for having experience of self-development because of the Japanese invasion.

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