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검색효율 측정척도에 관한 연구

A Study on measuring techniques of retrieval effectiveness


Retrieval effectiveness is the principal criteria for measuring the performance of an information retrieval system. This paper deals with the characteristics of 'relevance' of information and various measuring techniques of retrieval effectivess. The outlines of this study are as follows: 1) Relevance decision for evaluation should be devided into the user-oriented and the system-oriented decisions. 2) The recall-precision measure seems to be user-oriented, and the recall-fallout measure to be system-oriented. 3) Many of composite measures can not be justified III any rational manner unfortunately. 4) The Swets model has demonstrated that it yields, in general, a straight line instead of a curve of varying curvature and emphasized the fundamentally probabilistic nature of information retrieval. 5) The Cooper model seems to be a good substitute for precision and a useful measure for systems which ranked documents. 6) The Rocchio model were proposed for the evaluation of retreval systems which ranked documents, and were designed to be independent of cut-off. 7) The Cawkell model suggested that the Shannon's equation for entropy can be applied to measuring of retrieval effectiveness.

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