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논문 상세정보


The purpose of this study is to assort Sim-Eui form in Chosun Dynasty Period, so that we considered pictures of Sim-Eui in literature, portraits, and Sim-Eui. The results obtained are as follows; 1. Considering that United Sinla Period was related deeply to Tang Period, it is assumed that Sim-Eui was already transmitted in United Sinla Period. 2. Sim-Eui form was assorted roughly into two group, Straight line collar Sim-Eui (Gik-Ryeong Sim-Eui) and Sguare collar Sim-Eui (Bang-Ryeong Sim-Eui). The former was made to closs collars but not similar to carpenters sguare (Gop-Ja). The latter was made by Bek Gyum-Han at the begining, by the way it was not used widely. Then again Chun-Hu made the Sguare collar Sim-Eui in 19 c, it was used widely with Straight line collar Sim-Eui. 3. Sim-Eui in $\ulcorner$Ga-Rye-Bu-Chuei$\lrcorner$ was similar to those days Chullick, that verifies the Sim-Eui's influence on Chullick. 4. There was new simple Sim-Eui in $\ulcorner$Sa-Rye-Jip-Yo$\lrcorner$, it was similar to large sleeve's Durumagi, Heng-Eui. 5. Sim-Eui was sustituted by Gik-Ryeong Eui, Dap-Ho, Dan-Ryeong, Do-Po, Heng-Eui.

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  1. Kwon, Soo-Hyun ; Kang, Soon-Che 2012. "The Study of Costume Exhibition in Architectural Structures Heritage - Focused on Seoul, Incheon, Gyonggi-do -" 服飾 = Journal of the Korean Society of Costume, 62(6): 182~199 

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