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논문 상세정보

Ion Chromatography에 의한 음료수중 음이온 함량에 관한 연구

Measurement of an Ion Concentration in Drinking Water by lon Chromatography


According to the increase of population and development of industrialization air and water pollution problems are still keeping going to great nuisance to human activities. Specially man should drink 2l clean water to maintain our health every day, but we afraid of drink the city tap water because of the contaminants like heavy metals, bacteria trihalomethane, etc. In the analysis of the anions in potable water, we usually adapt the Standard methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater. But this method is tedious and time consuming, so the Ion Chromatography method is now used in research of water quality. Author worked with Ion Chromatography in measuring the anions in drinking water by attaching conductivity dector to normal High Performance Liquid Chromatograph. Low-capacity ion-exchange coulmn and dilute eluents, 0.00M phthalic aic was used in this study. The concentration of chloride ion was 1.55 ppm$\~$3 8.81ppm, nitrate ion was 5.45 ppm$\~$18.27ppm, and sulfate ion was 19.64 ppm$\~$28.86 ppm. The phosphate ion was detected only in Apt. tap water as 167.99 ppm whose amount was supposed to be used as a water pipe cleaner.

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