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논문 상세정보

효모양진균의 단크론 생성

A Study on the production of Monoclonal Antibodies against Rhodotrodula rubra


Having studied the production of monoclonal antibodies for developing a diagnosis medicine which shall be detected by a high-sensitivity test by using Rhodotorula rubra as a fungi-host which had been extracted through biochemical tests and follow-up examinations on Yeast-like fungi obtained from pulmonary tissues of pulmonary tuberculosis patients who had been in Kong ju National Tuberculosis Hospital from Jun. to Dec. in 1987, I. have gained such results as follows: 1. The fusion rate was influenced by feeder cell layers, cell density and time required to the cell fusion with cells in myelona subculture. 2. The fusion rate did not show any significant difference when the cell was applyed with two molecular weights, i.e., 1500 and 4000, of polyethylene glycol. 3. Fused cells after the addition of HAT selection media were bright and round, whereas unfused myelona cells and spleen cells were shrunk and granulated. 4. The cell fusion rate turned out to be about $57.2\%$(150 wells / 264 wells). 5. $10\%$(15 wells / 150 wells) of the positive reaction was detected in monoclonal antibody screening. 6. The titer which had reacted positively to Rhodotorula rubra fungal-host was 800 times in density after the gradual dilution of the produced monoclonal antibodies with Indirect ELISA method. 7. The Strongest specific reaction came out after the peroxidase labelled anti-human Immunogobulin had been applyed to Rhodotorula rubra for activating its nature after making drift with Carbonate-bicarbonate buffer (pH 9.6) and drying completely.

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