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도재 냉각방법의 차이가 금속-도재간 열팽창 양상과 결합력에 미치는 영향



Although a number of studies have been performed to assure that residual stress caused by a mismatch of alloy porcelain thermal expansion can contribute to clinical failure of a ceramometal restoration, the interactive influence of cooling rate on the magnitude of thermal expansion difference and on bond strength between them have not been extensively analyzed. The objective of this study was to determine the influence of cooling rate and the number of firing cycles on the expansion mismatch and the flexural failure resistance of metal porcelain strip. Tested alloys included one Pd-Ag alloy, one Ni-Cr-Be alloy with two kinds of porcelain, Vita and Ceramco. Metal specimens were cast into rods with a height of 13mm and a diameter of 5mm. Subsequently, the castings were subjected to scheduled firing cycles without porcelain. And the porcelain specimens after being fired were trimmed into a bar with a final dimension of $5{\times}5{\times}25mm$. Thermal expansions of the alloys and porcelains were measured by using a push rod or a differential dialometer respecitvely. Porcelain glass transition temperatures and expansion values were derived alloy-porcelain pairs were assessed by comparing expansion values of the components at a porcelain glass transition temperature. Calculations were made using combinations of a Ni-Cr alloy or Pd-Ag alloy with each of two porcelain products. Metal-porcelain strip specimens were subjected to four point loading in an Instron testing machine until crack occured at the metal-cramic interface at the time of sharp decrease of load on recorder. On the basis of this study, the following conclusions may be stated: 1. Regardless of the kinds of ceramometal combinations, both of calculated and experimental data revealed that the double fired specimens exhibited a significantly lower flexural strength. 2. By the rise of the amount of mismatch, bond strength were decreased. 3. Thermal expansion value of Pd-Ag alloys were higher than that of Ni-Cr alloys. 4. Expansion curves of metal were proportional to the increase of temperature and were not affected by the experimental conditions, however porcelains did not show the same magnitude of metal, and a shift of the glass transition temperature to higher temperatures was observed when cooled rapidly 5. Alloy-porcelain thermal compatibility appeared more dependent on the porcelain than the alloy.

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