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의치상 재이장재의 물리학적 성질에 관한 연구



The purpose of this study was to compare the fithness, hardness and bending strength of the conventional reliners and visible light curing reliner. Nine regions were selected in the upper transverse section which were thought to be of interest from a clinical standpoint and the discrepancies between the dentures and the master cast in these regions were determined by the coordinated measuring machine(UMM-500, Zeiss, W. Germany). The results were as follows ; 1. The experimental denture bases showed the lowest fittness at the central portion of the posterior palatal border and the intimate contact in the buccal flanges regardless of relining materials and relining methods. 2. The fittness of relined denture base was the best in autopolymerizing group and in the order of long processing, short processing and visible light curing group. 3. The fittness after 24 hour-storage in water was improved in long processing and autopolymerizing groups, but there was no significant difference. 4. The hardness was the highest in long processing group and decreased in the order of short processing, visible light curing and autopolymerizing group. 5. The bending strength was the highest in long processing group and decreased short processing, visible light curing, and aotopolymerzing group in order.

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