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논문 상세정보

전문대학도서관과의 모형교육과정 수정개발에 관한 연구

A Study on Revision & Development on the 'Model -Curriculum of the Library Science of the Junior College


To revise and develop a 'Model' Curriculum for training the middle standing professionals equipped with professional technology and theories at the spot of the library, such process were executed as research on bibliographic material and literature, utilization of examination of various questionnaires, interviews with middle standing librarians at the spot of the library, a review on the operational state of the Professor's Association of Library Science of Junior Colleges, some consultation with the Research & Deliberation Committee on Curriculums, etc., and to review the present department of library science at the two-year course's short-term colleges or institutes in foreign countries, Germany which is thought to be similar to our nation's situations and its level of economy and Singapore which is considered to be a newly emerging nation were looked into typically. In particular, since studies on the curriculums of the Library Science Dept. of colleges had already preceded, thereby the framework of the 'Model' curriculum was already achieved, however to review how well such framework is applied to the spot of education and give some improvement on that, some unrelistic findings of different subjects in consideration with reality, while comparing those curriculum schedules of each Library Science Dept. with the 'Model' curriculum schedule, were supplemented or revised to be fit to reality. For some supplementing or revising proposals on the pre studied 'Model' curriculum, some tentative plans which focussed on each field respectively and some tentative plans which focussed on cultural subjects, required major subjects and elective subjects were suggested in duality to be referred to. On such a process of forming a harmony of educational theories and practice, it was planned to revise and develop curriculum in a sense emphasizing on practical exercise, and tried not to neglect on each of the fields of the curriculum centered on the areas of materials organization, linguistics, information resource, information science, library organization, & administration, etc. The study on curriculums should be performed flexible to be applied to the accelerating transition of sciences, and be good examples in instruction.

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