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논문 상세정보

한국 여성사서의 직력유형(職歷類型)에 영향을 미치는 요인에 관한 연구

A Study on the Factors Affecting Career Patterns of Korean Female Librarians


Knowledge about career patterns of women In any profession and about factors which influence these career patterns becomes increasingly necessary because of the influx of ever-increasing numbers of women into the labor force, and the need for the development and utilization of the creative productivity of women. This study alms to investigate Korean female librarians' overall career patterns and verify relevant factors which might affect to their career patterns. As an instrument, self-reported questionnaires were sent to 1,251 full-time Korean female librarians throughout the country with regular librarian's certificate, currently engaging in public, college or university, and special libraries. Based on the data gathered, the interrelationship between their career pattern inclination and its influential factors were examined through hypothesis testing. Major findings of the survey are outlined in the following: 1). Female librarians' career patterns were classified into five categories with the group represented as Categories-2 (single; wishes to continue working after marriage; places an emphasis on the sense of occupational accomplishment and social prestige) accounted for the highest proportion$(33.4\%)$. 2). The result of the hypothesis testing revealed that there is no significant relationship statistically between social factors(parents' socio-economic status, etc.) and female librarians' career patterns. So the hypothesis concerning social factors were rejected. 3). In psychological factors(job satisfaction ; self-concept sex role attitude ; role conflict ; and achievement motivation), all except for self-concept were shown to be relevant with female librarians' stable career pattern. So the hypotheses concerning psychological factors were supported. 4). According to the result of multiple discriminant analysis conducted between the above four statistically significant psychological factors and career patterns, the most influential factor for female librarians' career patterns was job satisfaction and sex role. In conclusion, the following recommendations were made: For overall enhancement of Korean female librarianship, earlier career guidance and concrete sex role education for young women is urgent which enable them to establish correct viewpoint for their occupational career female librarians themselves' constant endeavor In maintaining positive attitude toward their job is required.

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