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논문 상세정보

데이터베이스의 효율적 이용을 위한 사무실 정보시스템에 관한 연구

A Study on the Efficient Use of Database and the Office Information System


The purpose of this study is to investigate aspects of office information systems in japanese corporations in order to understand introduction strategies and to find out whether strategy elements could be transferred to Germany. In this study, three points of view played an important role. (a) Technological and infrastructural support systems What kind of role did the liberalization of telecommunication markets and the avaliability of computer hardware play to help develope of database industry and implement office information systems? (b) Strategies and forms of the implementation of office information system: Which strategies were successful, distribution or centralization? How were technical and organizational problems handled? (c) Process of data communication : How did the implementation of office information system change the data communication with in-house or commercial database systems? To answer these questions, this study centered around a two-step field research in Japan. (1) Screening stage: to gain a general overview of office information system in Japan. The results of this initial research have been analysed and carefully evaluated to prepare for the second and major part of field research in Japan. (2) Data collection stage: interviews with respective managers, heads offices, and data processing units in 20 enterprises. The major results of this study are as follows. Today in Japan, office information system is understood as the interconnection of the in-house and commercial database for the maximization of the use of information resource In an organization. In particular, developments in the direction of distributed systems and the 'intelligent office' by means of the new information and communication technologies are very important.

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