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논문 상세정보


Plan for Centesimal Classification (PCC)


DDC, LCC, and CC can be said as the major schemes for mordern general library classification. Among these, DDC, since its publication in 1876, has been continuously studies and revised by many scholars and practitioners to publish 20th edition in 1989: LCC also has been studied and revised by the specialists in each subject, since 1904; and CC(first edition 1933) is now on the stage of 7th edition(1987). Even though studied, revised and developed by many classificationists, all these schemes maintain the general framework of the beginning, only with the partial revision and expansion to reflect the developments of the subjects. and antioipated tremendous amount of works resulted from reclassification also can be a reason that disturbs the full innovative revision of the scheme, because these are used in many libraries as a basic tools for the classification. But all these schemes mainly based on the state of the discipline at the time of their creation, the beginning of 20the century, and so in some aspect it is natural for them to have many problems. This study aims to investigate the problems in these major schemes, to find some ways to solve the problems, and to suggest the ideas for the basic design of a new modern library classification scheme. This plan is prepared to be applied to the situation of all countries equally without any revision. And in its notation, it uses two digits of Arabic numerals as centesimal, and so it is named provisionally to Plan for Centesimal Classification (PCC).

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