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논문 상세정보

도서관경영에 있어서 의사결정시스템에 관한 연구

A study on decision making system in library management with an analysis on the case study of university library in Seoul


This dissertation are studying the conceptual structure of decision making situation in libraries, by analyzing the library function, decision makings of library and then seeking economic and efficient alternative decision making by programming the· decision making situations, and finally, introducing how to apply management information system or decision making support system. For this purpose, in order to analyzing necessary factors for the decision making system, the questionnaire used Lickert method were distributed to 400 librarians of 36 universities in Seoul by means of mail. 193 librarians, $48\%$ of the questionnaire, are returned are studied by using 'SYSTAT' statistical software to figure out the factors of the decision making system. This dissertation was put six hypotheses and tested with the returned questionnaire. The following five result can be asserted. First, to the higher degree of the librarians' participation in the important library decision makings, the quality of formal library services are improved regardless of seniority of the work. Secondly, the t-test results show that all of t-test scores of seniority of the work, educational background, and responsibilities of the work are exceeding significant level and perception of decision making was proved to be different depending on seniority of the work, educational background, and responsibilities of the work in libraries. Thirdly, as the results of factor af factor analysis, the encouragement on participation in the library academic activities, the extent to get useful information about performances of library and the improvements of library works were grouped by similar posibilities of distribution and therfore the academic activities, the collection of information and the improvement of library performances is proved to be interrelational each other. Fourthly, the fifth hypothesis of the close relationship between the decision making situation and types of advisor by it was more or less interrelational, but their relationship was not seen some significancies. Lastly, as the dynamic organization of library management forming a special commitee or a project team with librarian can improve the extent and quality of the librarian's participation in the decision making of library works, and thus library will become to performance more rational and effective library management.

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