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논문 상세정보

착의량을 중심으로 본 농촌지역주민의 계절적응에 관한 연구

Seasonal Adaptation of Rural Residents with Focus on Clothing Weight


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the level of seasonal adaptability of rural residents from a viewpoint of clothing weight. In this study, the 631 rural residents of both sexes and all generations were selected from 5 rural districts of Kyunggi, Kangwon, Chungnam, Chonnam and Kyungbuk province, and the survey on clothes worn by subjects carried out 4 times-once in each season-from 1989. 7 to 1990. 4. The clothing weight per a unit body surface area that is the index of clothing insulative value was calculated and the seasonal variations of clothing weight were investigated in each region, sex and age. The results of this study were as follows. 1. The clothing weight changed with the season and that increased in order of summer, autumn and spring, winter. But there was no significant difference between spring and autumn. 2. In general, the clothing weight of males was havier than that of females through out the year But the underwear clothing weight of males was lighter than that of females. 3. There were significant differences of clothing weight among age groups in the spring, autumn and winter and $14\~29$ age group had smallest clothing weight. Clothing weight increased with age above 29 years and decreased with age below 20 years. In the summer there was no significant di florence of clothing weight among age groups except that clothing weight of $14\~19$ age was significantly havier than the others. 4. The thermal sensation of the clothed body was comfortable in the spring, autumn and winter but that was warm in the summer. 5. The seasonal adaptability of rural adults from a viewpoint of clothing weight was relatively good but the children's clothing life had some problem because they wore too much.

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