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논문 상세정보

Constituents of Paulownia tomentosa Stem(III): The Crystal Structure of Methyl 5-Hydroxy-dinaphtho[1,2-2',3]furan-7,12-dione-6-carboxylate


The molecular structure of a natural compound was determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. The compound was isolated by methanol extraction and repeated chromatography from the stem of Paulownia tomentosa. Yellow prismatic crystals of the compound, which were recrystallized from tetrahydrofuran, are triclinic, with a = 7.310 (6), b = 10.753(6), c = 11.586(5) ${\AA}.\;\alpha= 93.30(6),\;\beta=105.62(10),\;\gamma=109.49(7)^\circ,\;D_x=1.514,\;D_m=1.51 g/cm^3$, space group P1 and Z = 2. The structure was solved by direct method, and refined by least-squares procedure to the final R-value of 0.032 for 1271 independent reflections $(F\le3\sigma{(F))}$. The compound is one of new furanquinone analogue. The molecule has a nearly planar conformation with an intramolecular hydrogen bond. In the crystal, the planar molecules are arranged as a prallel sheet-like pattern, and these stackings are stabilized by the O-H...O type intermolecular hydrogen bonds. The other intermolecular contacts appear to be the normal van der Waals interactions.

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