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논문 상세정보

Prostaglandin $F_2\\alpha$의 투여에 따른 자성 Rat의 혈중 Hormone 함량과 황체의 형태학적 변화 II. Prostaglandin$F_2\\alpha$의 투여가 임신 Rat의 황체 구조에 미치는 영향

Effects of Prostaglandin $F_2\\alpha$ on the Hormone Concentration in Blood Plasma and Morphological Changes of Corpus Luteum in Female Rats II. The Effects of Prostaglandin $F_2\\alpha$ on the Structure of the Corpups Luterum of the Pregnant Rat

가축번식학회지 v.16 no.1 , 1992년, pp.21 - 38  

The present study was carried out to investigate morphologic changes in the corpus luteum of the pregnant rat by electron microscope after administration of prostaglandin F2$\alpha$(PGF2$\alpha$). Pregnant rates were treated with PGF2$\alpha$(1,500$\mu\textrm{g}$/rat) and their corpura lutea were observed morphologically. The results obtained in this study were summarized as follows ; 1. The weight of the ovaries and corpura lutea were decreased slightly at 8~24 hours after PGF2$\alpha$ administratin but no significant differences were observed. 2. The number of corpora lutea and luteal cells decreased slightly at 12~48 hours and 18~24 hours after PGF2$\alpha$ tretment but there were no signifciant differences between control and treatment. 3. The weight of uterus and the unmber of embryo decreased slightly at 96 hours and at 18~96 hours after PGF2$\alpha$ administration but no significant differences were obtained. 4. In the electron microscopic observatons, lipid droplets which are electron dense and appear in the cytoplasm moderately increased in number after PGF2$\alpha$ treatment. The lipid droplets were surrounded by mitochodria and appeared in the autophagic vacuoles. 5. Moderated and high electron dense mitochondria which are round or elongated in shape showed pleomorphism from 3 hours after PGF2$\alpha$ treatment. Destruction of tubular of vesicular cristae was observed at 6 hours after the treatment. Dense body and myelin figures in matrix of mitochondria were also appeared. 6. Well-developed smooth endoplasmic reticulum(sER) showed tubular or vesicular cisternae. A number of whorl membranes containing ribosomes, mitochondria and lipid droplets were observed at 1.5 hour after treatment. sER was abundant in luteal cells at 12 hours were treatment. 7. Well-developed Golgi pparatus appeared obviously 6 hours and more prominently at 12 hours. Those Golgi vesicles were remarkably dilated. 8. Generally, a few rough endoplasmic reticulum (rER) were appeared after treatment and cisternae showed slight dilatation. No differences among the treatments were observed. However, slight dilation of cisternae was observed at 1.5 hours after treatment. 9. Ribosomes composed of free and polyribosomes were abundant before treatment but polyribosomes were appeared at 12 to 24 hours after treatment. 10. Intercellular space were slightly extended at 3 hours and markedly extended at 12 hours. Numerous microvillous protrusions were observed at these times. Membranous multivesicular structures and autophagic vacuoles were also appeared in the intercellular space. 11. At 3 hours after the treatment, autophagic vacuoles appeared in the cytoplasm of the cell. They increased in number with time and were observed to transfer to the intercellular space. Lysosomal dense body appeared in the cytoplasm and the inclusion body was also observed in nucleus at 12 to 24 hours after treatment.

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