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논문 상세정보

통일 독일의 상호대차제도에 관한 연구

A study on the library interlending system in Germany


In the modem information society any library can not meet the need of its user without cooperation with other libraries. After the Second World War the old West Germany in the general kept the traditional library system, but (the library system of) the old Estern Germany was influenced by the Soviet Union. The East and West Germany have developed their library interlending system on their own way, but their system was based on the regional principle. After the Unification the library interlending system of two parts of Germany is on the way to an uniform system. Above all East Germany libraries must now collect the materials which they could not buy during about 40 years due to the ideological aspect and lacking financial resources. The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft tries here to help the East German libraries. Before reaching the final settlment of two different library interrlending rules the East and West German libraries temporary serve their user on the previous way, it means in the regional princeple. During this periode the East and West German libraries agree to cooperate on the base of partnership between their regional central catalog. If the East German user's wish can not be satisfied in the East German library, then this wish is sent to its Western partner regional central catalog.

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