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논문 상세정보

일본공업규격 "정보교환용한자부호" 에 포함된 일본한자에 대한 연구

A Study on the Chinese Characters Originated in Japan in Japanes in Industrial Standard


Among the Chinese Characters originated in Japan, some of them are very ancient in their origin and others come to exist as different forms by being used widely in forged books in Chinese. These Characters can be divided into three groups. First, the Chinese Characters whose forms are different. Most of these are 'hoiui' (회의)character, being made by imitating the forms of the original Chinese Letters. These characters do have meaning but not pronunciation. This is one distinct feature of Chinese Characters originated in Japan. Second, the Chinese Characters whose meaning has been assigned by the Japanese people. These letters can be grouped into two. One is the letters whose meanings are entirely different from original Chinese Characters, and the other is the letters whose meanings are not known although their pronunciations are known. It can be explained that the letters with different forms are made because of the ignorance of letter's existence. Or, the letters were made on purpose in ordoer to be used in different meanings. Third, the Characters with a partial modification of original Chinese Characters. Among the Characters in three groups above, pure Japanese-made Chinese Characters are those in group one and three since those in group two are Chinese Letters whose meanings (or pronunciation) only are Japanese. As a results of detailed investigation of pure Japanese-made Chinese Character in JIS X 0208-1990, the followings are discovered: 1. Pure Japanese-made Chinese Characters are 147 in numbers. 2. The Characters which were originally Chinese but now considered to be Japanese-made are 5 in numbers. Among these letters, 39 Characters are not listed in TaeHanHwaSaJon(Whose fame is well known as the authoritative dictionary of Chinese Characters), 47 Characters are not found in the dictionaries of Chinese Characters compiled in Korea. 3. 14 Characters seem to be Japanese-made Chinese Characters although it cannot be said so with accuracy because of various meanings found in several dictionaries of Chinese Characrters.

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