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논문 상세정보

DDC에 있어서 종교류 분류전개상의 제문제

A Study on the 'Religion Class' of DDC


This paper examines 'Religion Class' in the scheme of the DDC. The major findings of the study are summerized as follows. 1. The first edition of DDC was published in 1876 in order to classify Amherst College Library collections. In spite of the continuous study and revision of the experts, the frameworks of the DDC systems are still kept unchanged. Only their subdivisions, reflecting those developments in the academic world, are developed and detailed more sophisticatedly. 2. The division of 200 does not function as generalities for all class of religion. Therefore, it is necessary to amend the division of 200 to serve generalities for all the religions of the world. 3. Standard subdivision for the christian religion and for the non-christian religion is different. So, the mnemonic nature has become weakened due to the dual standard subdivisions and the classification number becomes much longer and complicated. Therefore, one standard subdivision for all religions of the world is required. 4. Religion science was organized in late 19 C and developed continuously, but the DDC does not accomodate the religion science as a science. Accodingly, the DDC should be revised recognize religion science as a science not the christian science. 5. The deployment of classification scheme in Dewey's 200 is severely biased. That is to say, 9 division were assigned for christian religion, whereas only 1 division was assigned for non-christian religion. Therefore, an adjustment should be made to allocate subdivisions equally to all religions of the world. 6. General classification order of religion is prehistoric, primitive, ancient, modem and world religion in religion science. But, DDC does not accept this general classification order of religion, sticking to the biased expansion towards christianity. Therefore, DDC must adopt the general classification order of religion in the religion science. 7. Lastly, because of the limitation of decimal notation in DC, DDC does not accomodate new subject equally and classification number becomes longer. Therefore, centesimal expansion is proposed in order to make the classification number short, to enlarge its capacity of inclusion of new subject and to maintain consistency in the scheme.

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  1. 1996. "Dewey Decimal Classification in Print vs. Electronic Dewey : the User Study" 정보관리학회지 = Journal of the Korean society for information management, 13(2): 97~120 


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