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논문 상세정보

Rudi Gernreich의 작품에 나타난 시대정신

Designer's Interpretation of the Zeitgeist as shown in the Works of Rudi Gernreich


Several scholars have discussed the relationship between fine art and fashion in meaning and expression. They have established that fashion and fine art are different branches from the same root, the Zeitgeist (time spirit), and that the Zeitgeist is materialized by various expres-sion techniques. The objective of this paper is to discuss how designers' interpretation of the Zeitgeist is expressed in their work, focusing on the 60's American society and designer Rudi Gernreich. The 60's were the period with revolutionary changes both in society itself and clothing. Rudi is the representative of the 60's designers who is called the most avant-garde and American household designer at the same time. Despite his prominent status as an avant-garde designer and social commentator, however, he has not been discussed in depth in the Korean clothing society. The consistent theme of his work was young and free spirit, and women's liberation which reflected the time he lived in. His successful interpretation of the Zeitgeist of the 60's made him establish the American-look, simple and free to move.

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