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패션 정보원 활용에 따른 시장세분화에 관한 연구

A Study on the Market Segmentation Approach by the Use of Fashion Information Sources


In the area of fashion business, market segmentation strategy has been paid attention for the purpose of assigning proficiently marketing resources. The use of fashion information in purchase decision process can serve as a base for market segmentation strategies. The purpose of this study was to identify four segmented profiles which are labelled as Print-oriented, Audio-visual oriented, Store intensive, and Pal advice group. Objectives were to determine fashion interest, fashion attitude and apparel selection criteria from each segment. For this study, the questionnaire was adminisered to 261 teachers and data were analyzed by using ANOVA, Regression and Pearson's Correlations. The results were as follows. 1. Print-oriented group had a positive attitude about fashion and they tended to place value on aesthetic and other-oriented criteria in selecting apparel. 2. Audio-visual oriented group had a strongly positive attitude about fashion but they tended to be less active toward buying fashion products and place much more value on other-oriented criteria in selecting apparel. 3. Store intensive group tended to be active toward buying fashion products. They had a positive attitude about fashion and placed value on aesthetic criteria in selecting apparel. 4. Pal advice group had a less positive attitude about fashion and tended to place value on economical and practical criteria in selecting apparel. Based on the profile of the each segment, it was suggested to express lingual or non-lingual symbols and to create concepts for meeting the needs of the segment

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