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논문 상세정보

한국가사의 상징성에 대한연구 -가사에 나타난 문양을 중심으로

A Study on the Symbolical Significance in Korean Kasa - Focusing on the embroideries -


Buddhism as one of alien thoughts has been developed conflicting and fusing with Korean Cultural bases. From these fusion process Korean Kasa (i.e, sacerdotal robe for Buddhist monk) also came into possession of different features from original Kasa which Buddhist Command- ment regulates or Kasa of South Asia which is the birthplace of Buddhism. 1. Original kasa was Pamsukula (i.e., a shabby, abandoned, muddy cloth), which did not permit special ornament or luxurious materal. However, we can find splendid colors, letters and embroideries in Korean Kasa. 2. These phenomenon originated from Three Treasures Faith, that is to say, the faith for three treasures, such as Buddha, Buddhist Commandment and Buddhist monk, which was formed by the fusion of Buddhism and conventional Shamanism. 3. Such letters as 천(Heaven), 왕(God). 영(om) stand for what shaped Guardian Deities protecting buddhist Sanctum. 4. The rmbroideries of three-legged bird, such as rabbit and toad, which symbolyze 일(sun) and 월(moon) stand for what shaped conventional divinities. 5. After Kasa possessing originally practical significance, such as Kasa Charity, was penetrated into Korea, it became the object of faith, possessing symbolical significance in addition.

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