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논문 상세정보

의복구매시 소비자가 지각하는 위험에 관한 연구(II) -위험감소방안의 유형분류, 위험유형 및 소비자 인구통계적 변인과의 관련을 중심으로

Risk Perceived by Consumers in Apparel Buying Situation ( II ) Types of Risk Reduction Methods and Their Relationships with Risk Types and Consumers' Demographic Variables


This paper examined risk reduction methods utilized by consumers in apparel buying situation in multidimensional conceptual framework, and analyzed the relationships between risk types, consumer demographic variables and preferences of risk reduction methods. Samples of 224 consumers were deliberately selected to include various demographic characteristics such as sex, age, educational level, occupation, income level. The results of the principal axis factor analysis indicated that 26 item risk reduction methods could be summarized into 6 meaningful factors; Marketer-dominated Information Sources Use (MIS), Prepurchase Deliberation / Observation i Dependence on Past Buying Experience (DOE), Independent Information Sources Use (lIS), Interpersonal Information Sources Use (PIS), Brand Loyalty (BL), Label Reading / Guarantee Buying (RG). DOE were used most whereas IIS used least. Correlations of various types of risk perceived with the preference of risk reduction methods were significant especially for positive relationship between psychologi-cal and/or economic risk and DOE, and between social risk and/or fashionability loss and MIS. Results of ANOVA and Duncan test suggested that sex, age, educational level, occupation of consumers can act as ones of determinant variables on making differences in the use of risk reduction methods.

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  1. 2001. "Service Dimensions of Apparel Product Salesperson and Importance of Service Dimension by Apparel Product Type" 한국의류학회지 = Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles, 25(5): 933~944 

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