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논문 상세정보

현대 의상에 조명된 인상주의 색채의 영향 - 1980년대 후반부터 1990년대초까지

A study on the color of Impressionism of the Modern Fiashion


Impressionism was the epoch in art which marked the beginning of modern times. For the relatively short period of twenty years, from the middle of the 19th century until approximately 1875, Impressionism was style forming. Then the dissolving tendencies became increasingly stronger A number of artists remained true to the style, some of them lifelong, well into the 20th century. Other, after years of experimenting with other styles, returned to their Impres- sionistic beginnings. However, they were individual personalities with their own artistic hand. Quite a few painters entered the circle of Impressionism after 1875 & used the perceptions of this art in their later works. Especially, Impressionism's light & color affected both 20th's painting & other sorts of art. From the fashion point of view, the influence of Impressionism affected a great deal on the 20th than 19th fashion. As a result the influence of Impressionism on Modern Fashion was as follow: 1. The soft, pretty pastel color was illuminated Modern Fashion. 2. Impressionism affected on the elegance, feminity of design of Modern Fashion

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