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논문 상세정보

안팍구조(構造)-한국건축공간(韓國建築空間)의 구조주의적(構造主義的) 해석(解析

The In/Out Structure : Interpretation of the Korean Architectural Space by Structuralism


The binary classification, Yin & Yang, can be shown in our culture. Yin & Yang thinking reveals the Up/Down (Principal/Subordinate) relation in space, and Before/After relation in time, and it shows the sequence of Contrast${\to}$Reconciliation & Unification${\to}$Contrast. For example, a follower is Yin against King, while Yang as a father against his son in our trational cognitive structure. With Left/Right, Front/Rear, and Upper/Lower, In/Out division is a basic body-space term to grasp the space position. In the traditional Korean house, when we go out from the deepest 'In', Anbang to Daechung, we may call Anbang 'In' and Daechung 'Out'. When from Daechung to Anmadang reversely, we call Daechung 'In' and Anmadang 'Out'. Namely, Daechung is both 'In' and 'Out'. This is a fallacy logic in view of western basic conception. 'The In/Out Structure, system of a series of inner spaces, is defined as a transformation of cognitive structure of Yin & Yang thinking to the Korean architectural space. The space structure is one of the important deep structure in Korean society.' The concept of the space structure, apperred in east Asia, can make humane space, for it is not a physical 'type' of typepology but related to cognitive structure of human thinking, The structure is applicable to space design in modern society, for the cognitive structure exists in living culture by transformation.

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