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논문 상세정보

플루르비프로펜 서방캅셀의 약물속도론적 평가

Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of Flurbiprofen Sustained Release Capsule


In vitro dissolution test and pharmacokinetic study in human volunteers were conducted to evaluate the pharmacokinetic characteristics of 150 mg furbiprofen sustained-release capsule (FPSR-150). As a reference product, 50 mg flurbiprofen conventional-release capsule (FPCR-50) was used. Dissolution tests of two products were run using the paddle method in 450 : 540 (v/v %) mixture of simulated gastric and intestinal fluids (K.P. VI) by adjusting medium pH according to time. FPCR-50 was dissolved very rapidly, and it took about 1.5 hr for FPCR-50 to be dissolved over 90%, whereas 15 hr for FPSR-150. Also, in pharmacokinetic study, ten healthy male volunteers were administered one capsule of FPSR-150 or two capsules of FPCR-50 (FPCR-l00) with randomized two period cross-over study. Significant differences between FPCR-l00 and FPSR-150 were found in mean times to reach peak concentration, mean resident times and mean terminal phase halflives, while not in AUC/Dose (Student's t-test). In ANOVA for AUC/Dose to compare the bioavailabilities of two FP products, there was no significant difference. From the comparison of the simulated steady-state plasma concentration-time curves following multiple medications of FPCR-50 (3 capsules a day, dosing interval=8 hrs) and FPSR-150 (1 capsule a day) based on the above results obtained from single doses of two FP products, it was noted that the medication of FPSR-150 is more useful in clinical application rather than FPCR-50.

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