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논문 상세정보

당뇨환자의 심리증상과 영양상태에 관한 연구

A Study on Psychological Symptoms and Nutritional Status of Diabetic Patients


This study showed the psychological symptoms, nutritional status and eating behaviors of diabetic patients. General informations on subjects nutritional status were collected by questionnaire, whereas Symptom Check List-90-Revision(SCL-90R) was used for gathering the data related to psychological problem. 34 diabetics in the hospital, aged 49$\pm$10.5 years old, were chosen as the subjects of this study. Their average height was 162.3$\pm$9.4cm and weight was 57.0$\pm$9.5kg. The average period of their suffering from DM was 54.1 weeks. Among, the subjects, 71.0% adapted diet therapy for their disease, whereas 36.7% and 40.7% did diabetic drugs and daily exercise like walking and jogging, respectively, Among 9 psychological symptoms observed, the scores of somatization, depression, anxiety, phobic anxiety and psychoticism were higher than the standard score, however they were not statistically significant. The score of paranoid ideation was lower than standard score. It was statistically significant. As the measure of their clinical status, BMI(body mass index), PIBW(percent ideal body weight) and fasting blood sugar(FBS) were selected 21.6$\pm$2.8, 102.4$\pm$14.8% and 207.8$\pm$19.9mg/이 respectively. The somatization was significantly correlated with subjects duration of DM. Subjects with psychological problems showed wrong eating behaviors. The fasting blood sugar was significantly correlated with the level of depression.

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