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논문 상세정보

충북 괴산군 송면 중학생의 영양실태조사

Nutrition Survey of Songmyun Middle School Students in Goisan Country, Chung Buk Province


We evaluated the nutritional status of 116 Songmyun middle school students. The means of height and weight were similar to the standards published by the Ministry of Education(1991). The height of 79% of the subjects was in the normal range, and the height for 11% was below the normal range. While 27% of the subjects were underweight, 18% and 8% were overweight and obese, respectively. The percentage of anemia was 29%, and the mean urinary urea nitrogen to creatinine ratio was 8$\pm$4. Total daily energy and nutrient intake was 48-103% of RDAs, and especially calcium and iron intake was very low. Carbohydrate, protein and fat intake was 71%, 12% and 17% of total calories, respectively. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and the between meals provided 20%, 37%, 26% and 18% of total energy intake. Energy and nutrient intake from lunch box was 52-95% of the 1/3 RDAs. Our data suggest that the nutrition education for the meal planners of the subjects is necessary to improve the nutritional status of the subjects. In addition, the school lunch program is recommended.

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