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논문 상세정보

유기농업의 경제적 배경과 경영방식에 관한 고찰

A study on the economic background and management method in organic farming


Presently the concept of organic farming has not simply technical categories such as no agricul-tural chemicals and no chemical fertilizer but can be also extended to the categories of economics, food nutrition, environmental and philosophical aspects. Accordingly, in order to understand cor-rectly organic farming, it is necessary to look into the concept including these extended aspects. So the production and consumption activities of organic farming products are largely based on the fundamental philosophy of organic farming. That is, all the life that is included in an ecosystem has to live in symbiosis, which is based on life circulation principle. And if this circultaion system is destroyed, human life may be threatended. Farmers who produce organic farming prducts(organic farmer) receive price higher than general farmers. This study shows the gap of 46.9% in two products. Also, since the price of organic farming products is fluctuated less relatively, Organic farming pruducts can be competed against imported agricultural products in terms of food safety. And organic farming should be managed by crop rotation and composite farm management upon which the principle of material circulation is worked. This composite management is devided into 2 classes, which are individually livestock-have-composite management and regional composite management. These management method means that organic materials are crucial to maintain the structure and fertility and these organic materials are easily obtained from animal as by-products.

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