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통신수단에 의한 의복구매시 예견되는 위험부담에 관한 연구

A Study on the Role of Perceived Risk at the Purchase of Clothing through Mail Order


The purpose of this study is to understand the types of risk consumers feel when they shop at home and to compare their feelings with the perceived risk when they shop at stores and the kinds of clothing frequently purchased at home. For this study, the data were collected through the questionnaire distributed to 692 carried and unmarried women. The analysis was done through the t-test, ANOVA and regression. The results are as follows . 1) Compared to those shopping at stores, at-home shoppers perceived a higher risk in eight kinds of clothing. 2) Compared to shopping at stores, product performance risk, psychological risk and time loss risk increased dramatically Among these, the time loss risk showed the most noticeable increase. 3) When the perceived risk was low for a certain item, it was more often shopped at home. Among the perceived risk types, the lower the financial risk and the time loss risk, the item was more frequently shopped at home. 4) Together with store shopping, the perceived risks when shopping at home differed according the use of clothing. 5) The at-home purchase intentions were higher in the order of at-home wear, casual wear and dress/suit. The higher the price and the more important the fit was, shopping at home was more difficult.

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