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논문 상세정보

신체의 부위별 피복이 체온조절 및 주관적인 감각에 미치는 영향(II

Effects of Covering Parts of Body with Garments on Human Thermoregulation and Sensation(II)


In this study the physiological significance of the upper and lower body on thermoregulation and sensation are examined. Experiments were carried out on 4 females in a climatic chamber conditioned at $25\pm1^{circ}C, 50\pm5%$ R.H.. Before the measurements, subjects were exposed to 3 types of enviromental temperature: 1) $25\pm1^{\circ}C$ for 60 min.(ST), 2) $25^{\circ}C$\rightarrow35^{circ}C\rightarrow25^{\circ}C$ for about 40 min.(HT), 3) $25^{\circ}C$\rightarrow15^{circ}C\rightarrow25^{\circ}C$ for about 40 min.(LT) covering the upper body (U) or lower body (L) with garments. 1) $T_{re}$ was significantly higher in L than in U only in 57 condition. $T_{sk}$ and Temp. under the clothing were higher in U than in L in all three conditions. Thermal sensation was warmer in U than in L, and comport sensation was most comfortable in HT condition. 2) When the upper or lower body was covered or exposed, the mean skin temperature of the upper body was higher than that of the lower body. Following covering and uncovering the same area, the changes in skin temperature were greater in the upper body than in lower body, and covering the upper body produced a greater difference of skin temperature between body and lower body than covering the lower body. 3) In all environmental conditions, when the upper body was uncovered, the skin temperatures of the chest, upper arms and forearms dropped to a considerable degree, and when the lower body was uncovered, skin temperatures of the legs showed the same pattern. On the other hand, skin temperature of the thinghs showed only little change in all cases except forehead and back uncovered or covered in two clothing types.

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