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일반 가정의 세탁 습관 및 반복 세탁에 의한 백색 면 내의의 잔류 오염

The Laundry Habits and the Residual Soils of White Cotton Undershirts in Repeating Home Laundry


The purpose of this study was to study accumlated residual soils which may be one of the causes for yellowing of worn cloths. Wear and wash tests of white cotton undershirts were repeated at 30 households sellected at random over a period of 60 days. Laundry conditions were similar to home laundry habits in a fact-finding survey, using a powdery heavy duty detergent containing no enzymes or enzymes. The subjects in this study were survey of laundry actual condition, the undershirts from prior to and after the final washing was measured residual soils, $L^*a^*b^*$ value and mellowness index of CIE system. D3ta were analysed by simple correlation analysis of wear and wash cycle, residual soils, whiteness The results obtained were summarized as follows: 1. Using pattern of washing machine, Presoaking was no singinificant differnece in general characteristics of survey respondent. Laundry frequency was significant difference in income level, occupation of housewives whether or not. Use of cold and hot water was significant difference in residence shape. 2. The analyzed consequences of recognition and actual behavior in connection with laundry were found variables each other to have independence or not. 3. Amount of residual sebum soils is using non-enzyme detergent were much more than in using enzyme detergent, increased linearly with increase of the number of wear and wash cycles. 4. Residual protein soils with increase of the number wear and wash cycles less than in laundering more easy than sebum soils. Since accumulated residual sebum soils were much more than residual protein soils. 5. Increase of residual soils was raised mellowness index and diminshed whiteness. yellowness index of residual sebum soils was higher than protein soils. If increase of whiteness will be incresed, amount of residual sebum soils will be decreased sebum soils. Because amount of residual sebum soils much more than protein soils, yellowness index of residual sebum soils was more higher than that of protein soils.

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