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논문 상세정보

A Metallurgical Study on Sputtered thin Film Magnet of high $_{i}\\textrm{H}_{c}$ Nd-(Fe, Co)-B alloy and Magnetic


Thin film magnet was fabricated by radio frequency magnetron sputtering using $Nd_13/(Fe.Co)_{70}B_{17}$ alloy target and magnetic properties were investigated according to sputtering conditions from the metallurgical point of view. we could obtain the best preferred orientation of $Nd_2Fe_{14}B$ phase at substrate temperatures between $450^{\circ}C$ and $460^{\circ}C$ with the input power 150W, and thin films had the anisotropic magnetic properties. But, as the thickness of thin film increased, the c-axis orientation gradually tended to be disordered and magnetic properties also become isotropic. Just like Nd-Fe-B meltspun ribbon, the microstructure of thin film magnet was consisted of very find cell shaped $Nd_2Fe_{14}B$ phase and the second phase along grain boundary. While, domain structure showed maze patterns whose magnetic easy axis was was perpendicular to film plane of thin film. It was concluded from these results that the perpendicualr anisotropy in magnetization was attributed to the perpendicular alignment of very find $Nd_2Fe_{14}B$ grains in thin film.

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