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논문 상세정보

국립공원 관리에서 공원규칙에 관한 지식수준과 환경훼손 행위의도 와의 관계

Relationships between the Level of Knowledge about Regulations and Depreciative Behavioral Intentions in National Park Management


Based on the data gathered by on-site survey at six universities, this study examines the relationships between the level of knowledge about regulations and depreciative behavioral intentions in National Park management. 558 students are participated in the survey. Among those agreeing to take part in the survey, 54.5% are males and 45.5% are females. Generally most students are very interested in the environmental problem in national parks. The mean of knowledge about regulations in national parks score 57, and females have higher mean scores than male student. In all four dilemmas, significant negative correlations are observed between the likelyhood of a prosocial action and the likelyhood of an antisocial action. In other words, the more likely the intention to obey a regulation in any dilemma situlation, the less likely the intention to disobey a regulation, and vice-versa.

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