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논문 상세정보

도시주변 능선녹지를 배경으로 하는 아파트 경관의 시각적 영향 - 물리적 경관변수 및 와시점분석에 의한 다각적 접근

Assessing Landscape Impacts of Apartment Complex on Suburban Hilly Openspace; Multilateral Approach by Analysis of Physical Landscape Variables and Eye Fixation Movements


In recent years, the visual characteristics of natural open space and greenbelt surrounding the urban landscapes have been changed with sprawling of residential areas and highrised residential buildings. Since these natural areas being the background element of residential areas are topographically sloped mountains in many cities. It is easy to be seen in the distance and it is important to preserve these areas as a visual infrastructure of the urban landscape. The purposes of this study are to extract the factors of landscape impact evaluation for these areas and to clarify the physical landscape variables representing these factors, and to infer the visual-perceptional relationships between image and landscape variables. As results, conceptional three factors were extracted with semantic differential evaluation to classified 18 landscape slide, and three regression models were established with factor score of landscapes and physical variables measured in photographs. On the basis of these relationships, visual-perceptional characteristics were discussed by analyzing the data form eye-movement recording to each of landscapes. The factors of "spatial unfolding of backdropped hilly greenspace", "horizontal quence of residential buildings", and "landscape complexity" prove to be important. And it prove important variables of "skyline of mountainous ridge" and "visual edge of building structure" in regression models and eye fixation movements.

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