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논문 상세정보

서울시내와 근교에 위치한 당일여가용 Recreation시설의 선택행동 확정에 관한 연구 : Generalized Logit Model의 적용

Destination Choice Behavior for Recreation Areas : Application of Generalized Logit Models


This study was carried out to identify destination choice behavior for one-day use recreation areas. Previous positioning study was utilized to select 4 study areas, and the secondary data were used for logit analyses. The Hausamn-McFadden test for IIA was conducted to examine whether conditional logit models are valid methodology for this study. The results revealed that IIA assumption among the study areas was violated; therefore, generalized binomial and generalized multinomial logit models were used in this study. In the binomial logit analysis, 2 to 5 independent variables were included in the models: their $\rho$2 values were from 0.1to 0.323, and accuracy of predictions were from 65.38 to 79.86 percent. In the multinomial logit analysis, 4 independent variables were included in the model: its $\rho$2 value was 0.207, and accuracy of prediction was 45.82 percent. The results showed that the conditional logit should be used with caution because of the IIA assumption. Several suggestions were described, mainly due to utilization of the secondary data for this study.

저자의 다른 논문

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