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논문 상세정보

스키장 이용실태 및 이용자 만족도에 관한 연구 -도시근교형과 리 조트형의 비교

A Comparative Study on Current Use and Satisfaction of Skiers between 'Suburban type' and 'Resort type' Ski Resort


This is a comparative study on the use pattern and satisfaction of skiers between the suburban skiing ground and the resort one. The purpose of this study is to provide basic data for the planning and the management of skiing ground. The sites of case study are Yong Pyung Ski Resort (Resort type) and Bears Town(Suburban type). Data were collected from questionaire. A total of 420 questionaires were completed. And data were subjected to following analysis: First, the descriptive statistics(mean, chi-square analysis etc.) were used to compare the characteristics of the users and the use pattern of two sites. Second, factor analysis was utilized to reduce 22 satisfaction items into the smaller number of factors. Third, regression analysis was used to find the factors affecting users' overall satisfaction in each skiing ground. The findings of this study are as follows: First, it was proved that the characteristics of users between tow sites were different in terms of age, income, and skill level. Second, it was proved that the use pattern between two sites were different in terms of travel distance from home, traffic mode, length of stay, accommodation type, and the money spent per day. Third, By a principal component factor analysis several factors of satisfaction are found: In physical terms, they are 'slope and life facilities', 'recreation and lodge facilities', 'accessibility', 'crowding', and 'landscape'. In psychological terms, they are 'skiing skills and thrills', and 'relaxation and freedom'. Forth, As the result of the stepwise regression analysis, it was yielded that 'relaxation/and freedom' was most important factor to predict the overall satisfaction in both skiing ground. And it was proved that not only physical factors but also phychological(need gratifying) factors were important sources of the satisfaction.

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