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논문 상세정보

"서울 1000년 타임캡슐광장" 설계안

A Design Proposal for the Time Capsule Plaza of Seoul's 1000 Years


In November of 1994, The Seoul Metropolitan Government celebrates its sixth centennial anniversary of becoming the capital city of Korea. In celebration of this anniversary, the Government decided to construct a plaza and sought design proposals in March of 1994. The authors collaborated on a design for the Time Capsule Plaza Competition and won fourth place among twenty-six entries. In the authors' design, the traditional oriental concept of time resonates within the site through the shape of a clock, a unique planting style, and an "Ancestral Tomb" which has a time capsule inside. The plaza is meant to be a symbol of the passage of time, the cycles of nature, and the repetitive actions of man. As for the spatial composition of the plaza, in accordance with the traditional Korean way of spatial arrangement, the plaza is divided into three parts: entry, primary, and secondary spaces. In reality, the plaza is created with the primary goal of providing modern outdoor space for people to rest and gather through the creation of pleasant environments and the introduction of traditional Korean garden elements.

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