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논문 상세정보

종합지역접근성 측정모형의 개발

Development of a Numerical Model for Measuring a Comprehensive Regional Accessibility


Despite of being the criteria to choose the efficient and reasonable alternatioves inactual planning process, the measure of accessibility rarely has applied to practices because each model has unexplicity concept of it and limitations in itself. Accessibility implies transportation system which offers opportunity of movement to overcome spatial separation and, simultaneously, land-use system which represents the location of each activity. Therefore, measures of accessibility have to represent the attractiveness of locations and the interactions of activities, that is, land-use and transportation, with an index. Considering that urban activity is based on the economic efficiency, costs and benfits, accessibility means the economic efficiency of the location of activity and the travel in view of land-use and transport repectively. Combined models that measure accessibility with considering land-use and tranportation simultaneously depend on reasonable concepts, but it is too simple for them to explain the accessibility which resulted from complex interaction of urban activities. Combined urban activity model developed by Kim (1983) and Rho (1989) explains the characteristics of activities in each regions and urban strcture in economic general equilibrium states in the long term of urban system. This model measures a regional accessibility with a dual variable which means the location surplus. This is a more systematic and comprehensive model for calculating the regional accessibility because it considers the interaction of each activity in urban system. It needs efforts to apply the accessibility index as a criterion in actual planning process through finding and quantitification of other explanatory variables to measure it in combined urban activity model.

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