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논문 상세정보

섬유강화 복합재료에서 결함의 보강재에 의한 강도 평가

The Strength Evaluation of Reinforced Flaw by Stiffener in Woven Fiber Reinforced Composite Plates


The use of advanced composite materials has grown in recent years in aerospace and other structures. Out of various kinds of repairing methods the one selecteh for this study is an idealized case which simulates a situation where a damaged laminate has been repaired by drilling a hole and therefter plugging the hole with reinforcement. Two typesof reinforcement are investigated ;adhesively bonged plug reinforcement or snug-fit unbonded plug in the hole. For each case of reinforcement, four different sizes of hole diameter and three types of reinforcing material(steel, aluminum, plexiglass) are employed for investigation. The experiment are mainloy forced on the evaluation of ultimate strength of laminate with reinforced hole in comparison to its counterpart with the open hole.

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