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논문 상세정보

국민학교 환경교육의 효율적 지도에 관한 연구

A Study on the Effective Teaching Method for the Environmental Education in Korean Primary School


This study was conducted to investigate the concern of the primary school teachers and the teaching situation about the environmental education through questionnaire survey on the effective environmental education. The results of questionnaire were analysed and discussed to provide the effective teaching method for the environmental education. The result of this study is as follows. 1. It was found that teachers want to teach environmental lessons as a special subject, and the content of the environmental lessons in textbook was not enough in quantity, the living waste was the most serious ploblem. Owing to the lacking in materials for the lectures on environmental education, most teachers collect the material depending on the mass communication. Also they were more interested in the environmental lessons rather than the other lessons in textbook. But because of the lacking in administrative assistance, they have difficulty in conducting the effective environmental education. 2. The teaching method of the environmental education in most primary schools was a all together-type lecture in classroom. Owing to conducting the environmental education for the knowledge than the action through the extra activity, it was difficult to expect the effect of the environmental education. Also the rate of using the reflection materials which can be improved the studying effect was very low. 3. For the effective environmental education most teachers wanted the spot learnings and the case studies and teacher education and training to get an special knowledge for environmental education. The effective evaluation method for children's environmental education is to present the results by environmental experiences and practices and to formulate a system education is organized for the effective management and activation of environmental education. 4. By practising the seasonal spot learnings, students need to change of learning method and to realize the importance of environment through own self-experiences. 5. In the future, it is desirable that researching of an environmental education is offered the effective practising teaching method which is improving the development of customs and functions, cultivation of the sense of value, ability to solve the problem, to determine the intention as well as the survey on the real situation and the consciousness about environmental education.

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