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논문 상세정보

합성세제의 생태독성 평가

Ecotoxicological Evaluation of Synthetic Surfactant


In order to evaluate the ecotoxicological harzardousness of synthetic surfactants on Han river, Jung-ryang and Jin-Wi stream, we used the Ecotoxicological Risk Quotient (ERQ). The chemical harzardousness is evaluated by the balance of the toxicity and concentration in the environment.. Then, ERQ is defined as follows; ERQ = - log ( Concentration in the environment / Effective concentration in the test ) ERQ of chemical is a logtrighmic value of ratio of a chemical concentration and the toxicity in the laboratory. In case of small ERQ, tie chemical harzardousness is high. If ERQ equals O, the same biological effect as in the laboratory test will be observed in the enviromment by the chemicals. ERQ values of the chemicals were calculated using the maximum concentration in water environment which were cited from the annual report by our ministry of environment, and EC$_{50}$ of Daphnia magna (water flea; acute immobilization test) LC$_{50}$ of Oryzias latipes (fish; acue toxicity test) and EC$_{50}$ of chlorella vulgaris (alga; growth inhibition test), which were taken from the annual report of "Chemical in environment" by Japan EA. Liner alkylbenzene sulfonate (determined to MBAS) showed the high average values with more than 2.0 to three species in Han river and Jin-wi stream, and these results mean to be favorable to environmental safety. The areas of Jung-ryang stream were polluted, as the average values of ERQ were less than 2.0 with equal to three species, and attention should be paid. Therefore, they must be inspected again because their concentration in the environment may have changed during that period. The chemical harzardousness can be numerated with ERQ, and it can be a help to find the chemicals that should be kept under observation and to see whether the chemical pollution is improved or worsened. The determination of the chemical concentration in the environment and toxicity are essential for the effective use of ERQ.se of ERQ.

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