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논문 상세정보

평면 교반조에서의 $CO_2$ 기체흡수에서 교반속도에 따른 기-액 계면 면적에 관한 연구

A Study on Gas-Liquid Interfacial Areas with the Stirrer Spends for A$CO_2$bsorption in Agitated Vessel


Catalytic slurry reactors, in which a solid maintained in the rom of fine particles suspended in a liquid, are frequently used in chemical and biochemical and industries. In these processes the particle loading is normally low so that the effects of particles on the liquid-film mass transfer coefacent and the gas-liquid interface area are assumed to be negligible. But it is known from the works, amongst others, that the finely powdered activated carbon can increase the gas-liquid mass transfer significantly in surface-aerated reactors. The stirred cell (13.2cm inside diameter) contained four baffles and at the stirring speeds range of 80 ∼ 300ppm, the gas-liquid interfacial area could be considered as that of the cross section of the vessel (that is, 130.1cm2). When the stirrer speeds were increased, the effective interfacial area was slightly higher than the geometric area and was obtained experimentally from the Danckwerts plots. Key Words : gas-liquid interfacial area, Duckwert's Plot stirred dell. mass transfer coefficient.

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