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논문 상세정보

파이프라인 데이터패스 자동 생성을 위한 상위수준 합성 시스템의 설계

Design of a High-Level Synthesis System for Automatic Generation of Pipelined Datapath


This paper describes the design of a high-level synthesis system. SODAS-VP. which automatically generates hardwares executing operation sequences in pipelined fashion.Target architecture and clocking schemes to drive pipelined datapath are determined, and the handling of pipeline hazards which degrade the performance of pipeline is considered. Partitioning of an operation into load, operation, and store stages, each of which is executed in partitiones control step, is performend. Pipelinecl hardware is generated by handling pipeline hazards with internal forwarding or delay insertion techniques in partitioning process and resolving resource conflicts among the partitioned control steps with similarity measure as a priority function in module allocation process. Experimental results show that SODAS-VP generates hardwares that execute faster than those generated by HAL and ALPS systems. SODAS-VP brings improvement in execution speed by 17.1% and 7.4% comparing with HAL and ALPS systems for a MCNC benchmark program, 5th order elliptical wave filter,respectively.

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