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논문 상세정보

끝이 둥근 슬롯의 분극률에 대한 다항 근사식을 이용한 Ku-Band용 도파관 십자형 방향성 결합기 제작

Implementation of a Waveguide Cross Guide directional Coupler for Ku-Band using Polynomial Approximations for the Polarizabilities of the Rounded End Slot


In this paper, the directional coupler for Ku-band, which is designed is of the crossguide type with a coupling value of about 3-dB. The apertures chosen for this design are crosses. We used polynomial approximations of rounded end slot to obtain the electric and magnetic polarizability of crossed-slot and compared the results with Cohn's experimental results. The optimized dimensions and positions of the cross aperture are obtained by a trial-and-error reiteration of the program. This paper presents the measurement results for the designed coupler. The very flat coupling shows a total variation of only 29.80$\pm$0.04dB for the design frequency ranges of 12.25GHz-12.75GHz. The measured minimum directivity is 25dB. The aperture attenuation for the finite diaphragm thickness is about 2dB pr 0.5mm, which is in agreement with the theoretical value. The transmission loss and input return loss at center frequency are 0.0564dB and 48.16dB respectively. We obtained the measured minimum directivity of the coupler. Whose apertures are both circles is better than that containing holes in the performance of directivity.

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