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논문 상세정보

다채널 바이오텔레미터 개발을 위한 전용 IC 및 시스템 제작

Manufacture of Custom IC and System for Multi-channel Biotelemeter


Implantable biotelemetry systems are indispensable tools not only in animal research but also in clinical medicine as such systems enable the acquisition of otherwise unavailable physiological data. We present the manufacture of CMOS IC and its system for implantable multichannel biotelemeter system. The internal circuits of this system are designed not only to achieve as multiple functions and low power dissipation as possible but also to enable continuous measurement of physiological data. Its main functions are to enable continuous measurement of physiological data and to accomplish on-off power swiching of an implantable battery by receiving appropriate commanc signals from an external circuit. The implantable circuits of this system are designed and fabricated on a single silicon chip using $1.5\mu$m n-well CMOS process technology. The total power dissipation of implantable circuits for a continuous operation was 6.7mW and for a stand-by operation was 15.2$\mu$ W. This system used together with approriate sensors is expected to contribute to clinical medicine telemetry system of measuring and wireless transmitting such significant physiological parameters as pressure pH and temperature.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. 2002. "Implementation of Wavelet Transform for a Real time Monitoring ECG Telemetry System" 信號處理·시스템學會 論文誌 = Journal of the institute of signal processing and systems, 3(1): 27~32 


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