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논문 상세정보

나이변화를 위한 얼굴영상의 분석과 합성

Analysis and Syntheris of Facial Images for Age Change


The human face can provide a great deal of information in regard to his/her race, age, sex, personality, feeling, psychology, mental state, health condition and ect. If we pay a close attention to the aging process, we are able to find out that there are recognizable phenomena such as eyelid drooping, cheek drooping, forehead furrowing, hair falling-out, the hair becomes gray and etc. This paper proposes that the method to estimate the age by analyzing these feature components for the facial image. Ang we also introduce the method of facial image synthesis in accordance with the cange of age. The feature components according to the change of age can be obtainec by dividing the facial image into the 3-dimensional shape of a face and the texture of a face and then analyzing the principle component respectively using 3-dimensional model. We assume the age of the facial image by comparing the extracted feature component to the facial image and synthesize the resulted image by adding or subtracting the feature component to/from the facial image. As a resurt of this simulation, we have obtained the age changed ficial image of high quality.

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